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After lunch Frunze de peppermint

7.00 10.00 RON (cu TVA)

Anti-stress Frunze de mesteacan

10.20 12.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cana Classic Christmas - 250 ml  

18.20 26.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cana Woolly - 330 ml  

23.10 33.00 RON (cu TVA)

China Rose Aroma de trandafiri

7.50 10.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cutie - Magdalena  

17.50 25.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cutie - Pere Noel  

15.00 25.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cutie - Tannanbaum  

15.00 25.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cutie pentru ceai - Chalet 100gr  

11.90 17.00 RON (cu TVA)

Ginger Aroma de ghimbir

7.00 10.00 RON (cu TVA)

Ice Age Aroma de menta

7.50 10.00 RON (cu TVA)

Infuzor Om de zapada  

22.40 27.00 RON (cu TVA)

Platou Merry X-mas  

68.00 85.00 RON (cu TVA)

Red Wineyard Peach Organic  

8.50 10.00 RON (cu TVA)

Sleep Well Impotriva insomniei

8.00 10.00 RON (cu TVA)

Sunset aroma de cirese

7.50 10.00 RON (cu TVA)

Tea for One - Christmas Eve  

71.20 89.00 RON (cu TVA)

Tropical Aroma de ananas

8.50 10.00 RON (cu TVA)