Magazin de ceaiuri si accesorii pentru ceai
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Cana Classic Christmas - 250 ml  

18.20 26.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cana Woolly - 330 ml  

23.10 33.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cutie - Pere Noel  

15.00 25.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cutie - Tannenbaum  

15.00 25.00 RON (cu TVA)

Cutie pentru ceai - Chalet 100gr  

11.90 17.00 RON (cu TVA)

Infuzor Om de zapada  

22.40 27.00 RON (cu TVA)

Platou Merry X-mas  

68.00 85.00 RON (cu TVA)

Tea for One - Christmas Eve  

71.20 89.00 RON (cu TVA)

Wellness Tea  

8.00 10.00 RON (cu TVA)